Collection: Shower Steamer Displays

  • Display in clear containers with lids for best results. 
    • Our custom display boxes help with increasing sales.
    • As an alternative use glass apothecary jars with lids
  • Display each scent separately. The sale happens in the smell. If you have multiple scents mixed in, the customers will not be able to smell them to pick their favorite scent.  
  • Label displays with scents so customers will know what each scent is (example: lavender, eucalyptus, etc)
  • Use a table tent next to your shower steamer display, so customers who don't know what shower steamers are can get familiar with how they work.

New Customers: It is best to start with at least 3 scents, we recommend starting  with Sinus Relief, Relax and Awake and then adding to your display as you go.